Successful Methods For Stretch Marks Removal And Reduction

Stretch marks are bothersome issues that can affect women and men alike. They are deep scars that actually present as white or red “stripes” on the skin. These marks are usually the result of extreme stretching of the skin caused by gaining or losing large amounts of weight in a short period of time. Examples of these circumstances includes pregnancy, growth spurts during puberty and even body building.

Stretch marks removal is a process that most individuals, especially women, research and try to implement. However, trying to remove stretch marks is no easy task. While no treatment other than surgery can actually remove stretch marks, there are several options that can diminish their unsightly cosmetic appearance and overall undesirable feel.

Exfoliating Stretch Marks

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead layers of skin and works well for diminishing stretch marks. When an individual exfoliates, softer and lighter skin will be unveiled thus reducing the appearance of the deep scars. This process also encourages and promotes new cell growth. The success of this method depends on the severity of the marks themselves, but the success rate can be increased when used in combination with creams or lotions. Upon fully drying after exfoliation, a proper lotion or cream should be applied. Natural products such as kosher salt, sugar and oatmeal are great ingredients to use to exfoliate at home.Stretch Mark Removal

Cream for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks removal cream is an extremely popular and sought after product on the market. There are multiple brands that claim to provide miracle results for the skin. However, probably the best stretch mark cream is one of the lightening creams, as they make up one of the most successful categories of these products and can drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This process is done with the application of the cream by cotton ball or clean brush.

The hand should never be used to apply lightening cream as irreversible discoloration or bleaching of the skin may occur. Chemical burns are also a risk for any area of skin, besides the actual scar, that comes into contact with these types of products, if they rely on bleaching for their lightening action. The cream is then rinsed away with warm water and followed by an astringent or even cold cream application.

Cream for Stretch Marks: These products do have incredibly high success rates but do require regular applications to produce results

These products do have incredibly high success rates but do require regular applications to produce results. It can also be overwhelming to choose a cream among the hundreds of choices presented at retailers. So is there a best stretch mark removal cream? Well, TriLASTIN-SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex is one of the best with some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings we've seen.

Stretch Marks Laser Removal

For those individuals who want a more extreme and potentially more successful method, laser removal of stretch marks can be obtained. [warning]This method is obviously more expensive and produces a higher level of discomfort than other less invasive treatments. Also, most insurance companies will not cover this treatment therefore the expense is solely the responsibility of the patient.[/warning]

Many dermatologists offer this procedure but are quick to fully explain the risks and potential side effects following a laser treatment. The laser can improve the texture and overall appearance of a stretch mark. This process also reduces redness and decreases inflammation.

The use of lasers also encourage new collagen growth to improve the overall condition of the affected area of skin. Mild or moderate discomfort may be experienced but depends on the patient’s personal pain threshold.

The recovery process usually includes some swelling and redness in the area treated by the laser. A doctor or other medical professional can advise an individual about their specific medical condition and determine which treatment option may work best.

Plastic Surgery for Stretch Marks

The only proven method to actually remove stretch marks is by surgery. During a surgical removal, a surgeon would cut away the scarred skin. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that helps decrease the excess skin and fat around the stomach area but can also eliminate scarring at the same time. Many stretch marks appear on the lower abdomen or stomach and a tummy tuck removes much of the skin below the belly button, thus removing the scars as well. When the actual removal of scarred skin is not possible, a doctor may be able to pull the skin tightly to eliminate the negative physical appearance of the stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be unsightly and bothersome to the many individuals who suffer from them. Choosing a removal treatment option that works well can change a person’s view of their physical appearance and boost negative self-esteem. It is important to research the methods available and seek the advise of a professional before making a final choice. This ensures the highest success rate with the lowest risk for an individual.

Stretch marks removal is a process that when done properly and with the right treatment can be a highly positive and rewarding experience.

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